Ritornato is a story of a man who returns home to take care of his dying mother and promises to fulfill her last wish. To be buried alongside her father in Sicily. While there, he discovers a family secret that will change his life forever and help him find a new beginning.

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My Inspiration

Writer/Director Michael Cavalieri:

"I am a proud Sicilian-American who had a dream that one day I would go back and retrace the footsteps of my Grandfather Agatino Alibrandi. This dream became a reality when I went back to my roots and I shot my first film “Ritornato" in honor of him and my late mother Mary.

I was inspired to tell the story of my Grandfather who I grew up idolizing. He taught me some of the best lessons of my life as a young boy. He was born in 1900 in the humble mountain town of Limina, Sicily. He bravely immigrated to New York City in 1920 without speaking a lick of English. He gave up his Italian citizenship to give us a chance at a better life. His journey across the ocean gave us five generations of people. For that I will always be grateful. This story is not only for me, but for all the generations who came before us and the sacrifices they made.  We must always remember our past because it informs our future.  Too often people neglect their past and forget their ancestors. 

I hope that my story can awaken and inspire other Sicilian/Italian-Americans of my generation to search for their roots and tell their stories of whatever struggles or accomplishments their families have made.  Remember, it was not too long ago that we were considered slaves to some or the unwanted immigrant. But, the passion, the love, the hard work and the relentless pursuit of a dream of those immigrants paved the way for a new America.  Remember Ellis Island... I do."

Based on a true story:


Writer/Director Michael Cavalieri: 

"After losing both my parents to cancer and dealing with the death of my sister at a young age, I felt alone and lost. I was in search of something more and was determined to see where my roots began. I left for Sicily hoping to find a street, a sign or something that could give me information about my Grandfather and his humble beginnings in Limina. But, what I stumbled upon was much greater than I could've ever imagined." 

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